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Synchrony Health establishes Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) by partnering with primary care physicians. Physician-led ACOs aligned with Synchrony Health out perform other ACOs by achieving superior patient outcomes, decreasing inefficiencies, while increasing primary care physician profits.


Understand your patients full care by partnering with Synchrony Health. Our data analytics provide the most actionable and relevant information available in the industry. It also eliminates cumbersome and confusing data entry processes. Not only do the primary care physicians have access to meaningful data, this information can be shared with other providers in the network


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) improves the way practices manage patient health. We will work directly with you to develop and implement best practices in patient care. Synchrony Health is committed to assisting ACOs effectively attain patient care and monetary goals.

Synchronizing the delivery system around the needs of the patient.

Synchrony Health exists to help the most vulnerable patients at their most vulnerable times by integrating the delivery system around the needs of the patient. We do so in a way that reduces healthcare costs, improves patient outcomes, creates “expert” patients, and strengthens the relationship between the patient and their primary care physician.

This is our vision for every patient, every physician, and every ACO. What is yours?

For Practices

Synchrony Health helps primary care physicians focus on what is most important – the patient not the paperwork. Our mission is to help practices deliver the most efficacious care and increase profitability.

For Healthcare

Synchrony Health develops partnerships with healthcare providers who strive to provide the highest quality of care, cut unnecessary costs and prosper from their efforts to provide the best healthcare possible for their patient population

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